IT Consulting and IT
system design

Our services help your company to optimise its IT infrastructure efficiently. With advice from our experienced professionals and customised system designs, we help make your business processes more efficient and competitive.

What does it mean?

IT Consulting and IT Systems Design offers companies a complex approach to developing their IT strategy and systems infrastructure. Our consultants analyse IT systems, identify optimisation opportunities and areas for efficiency improvement, taking into account the company's specific needs.

Based on the results, a tailor-made plan is developed, detailing the recommended changes and improvements. This will take into account business objectives, budget and technology options. The system design will include the new IT architecture, hardware and software components, databases and integration options.

The aim is to make the company's IT systems more efficient, support business processes and increase competitiveness.

Who can benefit?

Companies that have outgrown their current infrastructure

Fast-scaling firms

Companies looking for a cost-effective & personalised alternative

Elavult IT háttérrel rendelkező cégek

Digitally expanding large companies

How do we maintain stability?

Brands frequently used by our customers:

Atlassian Infinity by ORC
Synology WordPress
SolarWinds Hubspot
Zendesk Microsoft
SAP SE Google

Software that we support most often:

Lucidhart Jira
Confluence ClickUp
Bitrix24 Redmine
Atlassian Wrike
Spiceworks Trello

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