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We design with the right security settings to suit your budget, the convenience of your data and your security needs. Most often we design with minimum UTM and endpoint protection solutions while optimising the security settings of your servers, network and user machines.

Whatever your environment, we can help you run or optimise it, whether it's cloud, on-prem or hybrid. We can even coordinate your mixed environment.

You can tell after a survey and consultation. As a whole team we can take care of the administrator's tasks, so we can fully complement them. We do not want to replace anyone, we leave it up to you.

To ensure the most effective troubleshooting, systems are documented and surveyed, and all responsible colleagues are familiar with them. Systems are monitored 24/7 by our monitoring solutions to detect resource and software problems and attacks. And once a week we run manual checks on all key services.

Previous case studies and references are constantly being uploaded to the blog section. If you can't find enough information to answer your question, please contact us!

A dedicated project manager will keep in touch with you/your actions. Outside of projects, you can report bugs via email or bug tracking system, or by phone if necessary.

We will start with an oral introduction to the company's operations. We then continue with an on-site and remote survey, where we prepare basic documentation on the overall infrastructure and related services. Based on this, we will prepare our operational proposal and initial plans for taking over the operation.

We constantly follow the most important safety alerts and necessary regulations. We strive to comply with GDPR for all our customers, even if we do not have EU customers. We also keep in touch with several Hungarian and international resellers to learn about the latest solutions and products.

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